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Disclosure statement:

Mortgage Brokers at AML Home Loans

All our Mortgage Brokers are Registered Financial Advisers, specializing in providing advice on mortgage related products only. You can check that your broker is a registered financial adviser at . The Financial Markets Authority regulates financial advisers. Contact the Financial Markets Authority for more information, including financial tips and warnings.

Professional indemnity insurance

We have $2 million of PI cover (maximum cover of $1 million per claim). In proven cases, this protects my clients from financial loss due to fraud, gross negligence, gross misrepresentation, etc, (if perpetrated by me).

Adviser Experience

All of the advisers have a wide range of experience, when you meet your adviser, they will go through a personal disclosure document with you to fully explain their professional background to provide assurance they are well equipped to provide you with mortgage advice.


All communications and information provided are subject to the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993. Upon request, this allows you access to any information held about you in your file. AML Home Loans treats privacy very seriously. We do not share your information with any other party without your approval. All mortgage paperwork is destroyed after 7 years.

How we’re paid

AML Home Loans is paid a single upfront commission (percentage of the loan facility or insurance premium), an ongoing (trail) commission (percentage of the loan facility or insurance premium), or a mix of both. AML Home Loans may charge a one off fee for work completed for clients which does not attract a broker payment from the lender. This charge, if applied, will be agreed in advance with you before any work is started.

Legal and accounting issues

Any discussions on legal and accounting issues does not replace advice from professionally qualified specialist advisers(solicitors and accountants). We recommend that you obtain such independent and specialist advice.


In the preceding five (5) years, nobody employed by AML Home Loans has been:

  1. The subject of a successful claim (for dishonesty, negligence or misrepresentation) under any Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy held by more or on behalf of me.
  2. Convicted of an offence of dishonesty or any relevant offence under any Act or law applicable in New Zealand, nor been a director of a company so convicted.
  3. Adjudicated bankrupt, nor are an undischarged bankrupt, nor have had a bankruptcy discharged.
  4. Prohibited by law from taking part in the management of a company.
  5. Nor are there any proceedings currently being taken against me, (or any company of which I am a director) under any of the above (a – d) or with respect to my accredited membership of the New Zealand Mortgage Brokers’ Association.

 What should you do if something goes wrong?

If you have a problem, concern, or complaint about any part of the service you receive from a AML Home Loans adviser, please contact your adviser or AML Home Loans directly so we can try to fix the problem. You may use our internal disputes service by telephoning Kundan Singh on 022 354 0529 or emailing

Our internal complaints management process is as below:

  • Upon receipt of the complaint, we will contact our client by email to acknowledge receiving it.
  • We will assess the complaint and inform our client in writing about how we intend to resolve it. We may need to contact our client to get further information about their complaint.
  • We aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days of receiving them. If we can’t resolve the complaint within 10 working days of receiving it, we will contact our client within that time to let them know we need more time to consider their complaint.
  • If we can’t resolve our client’s complaint, or if our client is not satisfied with the way we propose to resolve the compliant, our client can contact our disputes resolution scheme, Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme Limited (FDRS)

FDRS provides a free, independent dispute resolution service that may help investigate or resolve complaints against financial service providers who also are members of their scheme.

Clients can contact FDRS by emailing or by calling: 0508 337 337. They can also write to FDRS at: PO Box 2272, Wellington 6011.

Duty of Care

Anyone within our business giving advice is bound by and supports the duties set out in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.

These duties are: – Meet the standards of competence, knowledge, and skill and the standards of ethical behaviour, conduct, and client care set out in the Code of Professional Conduct for Financial Advice Providers. Give priority to your interests. Exercise care, diligence, and skill.